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  • Beyond Recognition  by Ron Corbin. A former Army combat helicopter pilot and Vietnam veteran who becomes a Los Angeles policeman, and eventually a pilot for LAPD’s Air Support Division (ASD). After an aircraft accident that claims the life of a pilot trainee and puts Ron in the hospital, the LAPD assembles a Board of Inquiry. Ron’s detractors seek jealous revenge by feeding misleading statements to the Board investigators. The investigation evolves into a “kangaroo court,” but the Board’s exercise in “finger-pointing” quickly backfires as Ron exposes a “cover-up” that has corporate and City attorneys scrambling to settle.
  • Ron Corbin
  • Fighting Crime With Some Day and Lenny  by Keith Bettinger.  If you’ve ever worked in law enforcement, or if you like stories that make you laugh, you need to join Detective Lenny Birnbaum and his boss, Sergeant Robert “Some” Day, as they fight the evil-doers in that hotbed of crime, Staten Island, New York. Working in the Major Case Squad, the two wily cops battle some of the most despicable criminals on their Island.
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  • A Cops Life: True Stories from the Heart Behind the Badge by Sgt Randy Sutton. In this powerful collection of tales from the frontlines, Las Vegas police sergeant Randy Sutton goes beyond the neon into the dark corners of society, putting us into the driver’s seat of his cruiser and a job that ricochets from moments of sheer terror to coffee-fueled boredom–with stops on the way at every conceivable act of human folly and depravity. With a poet’s touch, and the unflinching realism of a crime scene photograph, A COP’S LIFE is the ultimate depiction of the hardest job there is.
  • Randy Sutton
  • Brave Hearts Extraordinary Stories of Pride, Pain, and Courage by Cynthia Brown. Brave Hearts takes you inside the hearts and minds of fifteen police officers as they go about their difficult task of protecting the people from harm. Whether they are gathering intelligence to stop another terrorist attack, crawling through the rubble of the World Trade Center towers looking desperately for survivors, working undercover to get illegal weapons and drugs off the streets, tracking a serial murderer, ending a gun battle, or mediating a domestic dispute, the men and women in these pages give new life to the meaning of heroic
  • Cynthia Brown
  • Murder In McHenry by Keith Bettinger. What would you do if you received a phone call twenty eight years after your father s murder and a friend told you they finally knew who killed him? You would venture forward to bring the criminal to justice and clear the case. However, good guys aren’t always the heroes and bad guys the villains.
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